[FOCUS] the seatclamp

[FOCUS] the seatclamp

A Victoire bicycle is a succession of technical details that make it unique. Let's have a look at them. Today, the seatclamp.

The link between the seat tube and the seatpost is a very important area, that's why we pay a great attention to it. It have to guarantee a quick adjustement of the saddle height as well as an efficient tightening of the seat tube. In order to make your Victoire definitely unique, we offer three different solutions of seat clamp :  

The seatpost collar 

Since the beginning of 2018, this is the standard solution on our frames. Once it is totally welded, the seat tube is machined at the top and split on its rear face. It enables to get a precise fit between the seatpost and the seat tube. To strengthen the area and avoid any crack, a stainless washer is brazed at the end of the split. After that, we just have to fit the seat collar at the top of the seat tube after painting.

We have selected four collars for our bicycles :

Some of them are with quick release, which is recommended if you adjust your saddle height often, to carry your bike or example.

The braze-on seat clamp

This is the solution we use the most, it is one of our signature. Before machining the seat tube, we braze a seat binder at the top. The process is then the same as describe above. This option is more aesthetic than the previous one.

Seatstays integrated seatclamp 

This is our latest option, approved on our Concours de Machines 2017 bike. Technically more difficult to build, it is made of a pinch bolt integrated to machined stainless steel cylinders, brazed to the seatstays. It makes the seatclamp completely invisible on the driveside. 


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