Specifications of Victoire bespoke bicycles


Every bike from Victoire's workshop is a unique product, tailor-made according to the measurements, the needs and the desires of his future owner. For each of our creation, we design a unique geometry to fit perfectly your morphology. We also select with care the tubing, according to your weight and the handling you want.

We have all the tools to do a precise fitting, both in static and in dynamic.

>>> The details of the fitting process 

Made in France

All our custom bikes are handmade in France, in our workshop next to Clermont-Ferrand, Massif Central. It enables us to control with precision each step of the manufacturing, to offer you a high quality product, which fits perfectly your needs. 

The steel

The steel is ideal to make bespoke bicycle frames, that's why at Victoire Cycles we have chosen to work exclusively with this material. Even if it was put aside face to the strong marketing in favor of other materials like carbon, the steel has many advantages, like the one to meet your wants and needs as closely as possible


A material that meet your needs

         Indeed, the steel is easily adjustable. We have a wide choice of tubing among the ranges from Columbus, Reynolds and Tange, with hundred of references. They are the results of several years of development and they are adapt to the demands of the moderns bicycles. For example, the thickness and the shape of the tubing is not constant, according to the different stresses areas.

         This enables us to make the most adapted bike to your pratice and your morphology, to have the best balance between comfort and performances. The final aim is to provide you the bike which will offer you the maximum of pleasure when you will ride it.


A comfortable and efficient material

         The inherent quality of steel provide ideal performance for cycling. Thanks to its good ability to absorb impact and vibrations, it brings comfort, so less fatigue. It doesn't weak for all that, and steel  provides an excellent reactivity, to transfer all your pedaling energy.

         Other advantage of steel, it has a great durability through the time. A steel bicycle is able to keep its mechanical specifications during a long time, and keep as well the same performance through the years.


A wide range of configuration available

At last, the possibilities of configuration for a steel frame are wide, and enable to adapt the best the frame to the user. You can chose among the different bottom brackets, headtubes or dropouts, to adapt the frame to the future parts, like a Cannondale Lefty fork for example, but also to make it evolutive through the time. For example, thanks to Paragon Sliding dropouts, you can adjust the chainstays lenght but also change a singlespeed configuration for a derailleur drivetrain thanks to the different alloy inserts available. This large choice of configurations enables us to make unique bicycles, like our customers.

The stainless steel

We are also making frame in the most prestigious configuration of steel: the stainless steel.

Coming from Reynolds 953 or Columbus XCr range, stainless steel offers the best mechanical features available on the market. For example, in the Reynolds range, the tensile strength of stainless steel is 42% higher than the 853, their most advanced steel, and 100% higher than the 631 (equivalent to the Columbus Zona). Its strength limit is two times higher from titanium. Therefore, a steel frame will keep its mechanical features for a long time. Add the fact that this material does not rust so you can easily leave it with its raw appearance. A stainless steel bike is above all a timeless bike.

This material requires a great attention, from machining to fillet-brazing, which are more complex than a regular steel. That's why it is more expensive than regular steel.


What is the influence on our bicycles?

With the same tubing diameter, the stainless steel enables to make lighter frames. Indeed, the stainless steel is more resistant than standard steel, so we can use thiner tubes for the same resistance.

- At the same weight, a stainless steel frame will be stiffer than a steel one, because we will be able to use larger diameter tubing. 

These are some datas about the tubing we use:

  • Reynolds 953 (stainless) tensile strength : 1900 Mpa
  • Reynolds 853 (top of the range steel) tensile strength : 1150 Mpa
  • Reynolds 631 (middle range steel) tensile strength : 850 Mpa
  • Columbus XCR (stainless) tensile strength : 1300 Mpa
  • Columbus Niobium (Spirit, HSS and Life steel ranges) tensile strength : 1100 Mpa
  • Columbus 25CrMo4 (Zona, Max, 29er steel ranges) tensile strength : 800 Mpa
  • Aluminium 6061 (the most common on the bicyles) tensile strength : 325 Mpa

So a 953 will be 5,6 times more resistant than a 6061 aluminium : so for the aluminium frames we have to increase a lot the thickness and the diameter to offset this lower resistance. As a result, this oversizing cause a frame too stiff. For informations, Reynolds titanium tubing have a stiffness two times lower than standard steel.  

Source: http://www.reynoldstechnology.biz/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/rtl_steel_a...

The fillet-brazing

At Victoire, we use a welding process called fillet-brazing. It is, for us, the most suited features for the realization of a bespoke frame. This welding method is described as heterogeneous since the filler metal is not the same as the tubes metal. It offers many advantages:

- The filler metal has a much lower melting temperature than the steel tubing that we use. Therefore, it cancels the phenomenon of heat-affected zone (or HAZ). Indeed, if the tubes are heated to intensely, the area near the welding will be deteriorated and might have lower mechanical properties. With TIG welding (a welding process chosen for the majority of steel or aluminum frames), there is almost always a HAZ, which leads to a weakening of the frame just after welding. Our solder melting at about 800 °, our tubes are not affected and the frame is a lot more stronger.

- We use specific rods for our frames. After numerous tests, we selected a brazing filler metal developed in France. This alloy is a composition of several metals in order to obtain excellent weldability and high mechanical characteristics.

- We polish our fillets to obtain a perfectly smooth rendering. The goal is obviously aesthetics but also mechanics. Indeed, polishing welds eliminates the stress concentration phenomenon. In the case of an unpolished welding, every edges and rough edges will stop stress and can lead to the creation of micro-cracks, which then cause the frame breakage.

We hand polish every welding in order to obtain a perfectly smooth rod to touch. Each weld takes approximately 1 hour to be polished.

We are continuously working on improving our process. Although we are craftsmen, we are first of all engineers and we struggle to use the most moderns tools and methods to develop our products. It is with this goal that we are working in collaboration with the IFMA, the local engineering school. We are doing different tests to compare different type of welding or different range of steel, to improve our manufacturing process and our products.

The handcrafted wheels

A bike, it is first of all a frame, but also wheels. This point is really important and that's why at Victoire we take as much attention on it as on our frame, by handcrafting your future wheels. With a custom wheelset, we can adapt all the component, rims, hubs and spokes, to your riding and your morphology. Handcrafted wheels are also much more reliable, thanks to a consistent spokes tension, much more superior than the standard wheels build on machine.

Our truing stand is produced is very small serie in Germany, and is equipped with home-made truing gauge, with a 0.05mm precision. The spoke tension is also controlled with a specific spoke tensionmeter made in Switzerland. All of our wheels get a break-in process, developped during several years of experience, to get a perfect stabilization. 

The specifications depends on your morphology and your riding, to get a wheelset perfectly suited to your bespoke Victoire frame. We give priority to reliability and quality, rather than lightness in the choice of our components, to allow your wheelset to last as longer as your frame.

We are working exclusively with DT Swiss and Sapim for the spokes. The hubs used on Victoire bikes come from brands as Chris King, Tune, DT-Swiss, Rohloff, Son or Hope. The rims come mainly from Corima, Enve, H+Son or Tune.
Of course, we can also lace your wheelset with other components, depending on your preferences.

The parts

We endeavor to make consistent build for each of our Victoire bespoke bike, by selecting with care quality parts, in agreement with the philosophy of each project. That's why we work as much as we can with recognized brand, who, like us, produce on their territory. C


The German brand is recognized not only for the quality of its components, but also for their lightness. Made in the heart of the Black Forest, in Germany, the range is wide: wheels, seatpost, stem, crankset... you will find a large amount of great parts to match your Victoire bike. 


The British brand has not stop to grow since its creation, more than 20 years ago. First only oriented on disc brakes, the range go wider to offer a large amount of components, like the last one, the beautiful MTB crankset. Hope is a specialist in CNC machining, with impressive high-performance machine-tools in their manufacture.  All the parts are made in Barnoldswich, England, next to the Yorkshire: designing, manufacturing, finishing, building and shipping. 

Chris King

We do not have to prove anymore the quality of Chris King products. Known for a longtime, the American brand is located next to Portland, Oregon. They offer headset, bottom bracket and hubs of high-quality. That's why most of our bike are build with Chris King headset, that have a 10 years warranty. 

Gilles Berthoud

Gilles Berthoud is among the best French frame-builders of the last twenty years. He put aside the frame-building some years ago to focus on accessories for touring and randonneurs. Luggage, saddles, fenders... these exceptional product are made with care in Pont de Vaux, France, from high-quality materials. 

We have chosen to highlight these brands for the quality of their products, but also for their production approach, that matches Victoire's philosophy. However, in no case this is a restriction. We are use to work with all the brands of the market, to offer you the bike that matches the best your needs and your preferences.