Valéry lives in Bâles in Switzerland and got in touch with us because he was looking for a sporty yet versatile bike, allowing him to go on fast rides but also ride on the tracks around his home. Valéry has  a physical particularity: he has an artificial left hand which keep him from using a front brake or derailleur control. So we had to find an inovative solution to allow Valéry to use his bike like any other clients.


Double control on the right lever :

First we considered a mono-plateau transmission, but Valéry asked for a double-plateau just like he has on his current bike. ALready a user of the Sram E-Tap system, Valéry had set up his handlebar with an extra Blip button under the bar tape, to operate the front derailleur. This button, usually used on a triathlon handlebar, allows to substitute the left lever control. After a long discussion, with chose to keep this setting that has many plusses. Valéry knew his set up would work, and already had some extra batteries. This is why we chose the 11v system and not the new AXS system.

Valéry wanted to go with disc brakes, to enhance the braking power but also to mount bigger tires.

The cable brakes was not an option because of its lack of progressivity. We searched for a system that could control two hydrolic callipers only with the right lever. After a few weeks of search and tests, we found the perfect system at Outbraker. Besides controling both callipers with only one lever, this system has a thumb stick which allows to adjust the braking power.

Once both technical solutions were found, we ordered the components and run some tests to ensure that these solutions were the best for Valéry.

Other components :

For the rest of the settings, we followed Valéry requirements specification. The front triangle of the frame is made from Columbus HSS, for a sportive bike. The high profile Enve rims are also all about performance. Valéry's frame also has one of our favorite options : saddle clamping in the shrouds. This solution, quite complexe to achieve, offers clean lines on the saddle area. The seat post clamping screw is hidden in the shourds' ends, offering a smooth transition.

Versatility comes with the rear triangle and the Columbus Futura Gravel fork. This carbon fork allows tires up to 700c*38mm. Bended bases and shrouds also allow wide tires so Valéry will be able to get lost of the trails.

Valéry trusted our friends from Chris King with the hubs, headsets and bearings from the Portland brand. Stem, handlebar and seat post are from Fizik, and the first two have a paint job that matches the frame.

Bar tape and saddle are from Brooks, with a Cambium set, matching the clean look of the frame.

Made this summer, right before le Concours de Machines, we gave the paint job to our colleague from Cyfac, who made an incredible work with this mat silver green. A big thank you to them for helping us while we were setting up our own paint booth and finishing the bike for Concours de Machines.


Just like most of our clients, Valéry came into our workshop to get his bike. This particular moment is the opportunity the talk with the Victoire team about the building of the bike and discover the much-awaited object with the people who actually made it.

Here is what Valéry said once the curtains were up :

The bike is very harmonious. It combines performance and confort, look and simplicity. I am very impressed with the accuracy of my position on the bike.


Columbus Futura Gravel
Chris King Inset8
Fizik R1
Fizik R3
Fizik R3
Brooks C13
Bar-tape / Grips: 
Brooks Rubber bar tape
Sram Red Etap
Brake calipers: 
Sram Red Etap
Sram Red Etap
Front Derailleur: 
Sram Red Etap
Rear Derailleur: 
Sram Red Etap 11v
SRAM Red 11v
SRAM Red 11v
Front Rim: 
Rear Rim: 
Front Spokes: 
Sapim CXray
Rear Spokes: 
Sapim CXray
Front Hub: 
Chris King R45 Disc
Rear Hub: 
Chris King R45 Disc
Front Tire: 
Challenge Strada Bianca
Rear Tire: 
Challenge Strada Bianca
Special paint

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