Roger's Victoire Versus

Roger's Victoire Versus

For our first video, we wanted to highlight the client experience. The bikes we present in Our Creations section show it, a Victoire bike is the result of a common thinking with the client, combining his experience as a cyclist with our technical skills. Discussing the project, taking measurement, selecting the tubing, designing the geometry and at last building the bike are many steps that require great attention.

Roger's project reflects what our bespoke bicycles offer : unique emotions. 


Genesis of the project

Roger lives in Australia. He tells us why he chose to cross a part of the world to build his bespoke bicycle :

I chose to build my bike with Victoire for two reasons. The first one - it may sounds surprising - is their location. It is an important part of the world for me because it is where my wife is from. So it makes sense to make this project in a place significant for both of us. Secondly, I wanted to build a bike with a particular set of characteristics. I was looking for a bike that would be head turning but also very simple, with clean lines. On speaking with Victoire, they showed me that they were able to build a bike that suits my needs. So I decided they were the right people for my project. I was looking for a different type of bike, a bike that I could take anywhere, that would be bullet proof to go both on and off roads.  

The frame

Like each of our bike, Roger's Versus was tailor-made. We did his fitting the last time he came to France. It enables us to determine the position of
his contact points : saddle, pedal and handlebar. We design his Versus geometry around these three points to end up with a good balance of aesthetic and handling. The man and the bike then become one and connected with the road.

The frame was made from Columbus XCR, the only stainless steel range with bended seatstays and chainstays to offer clearance to tires up to 40mm. The top tube has a 31.8mm diameter with an hexagonal profile to improve the lateral stiffness and vertical flexibility. The down tube has a 38mm with a MAX profile that fits perfectly the 44mm headtube. The latter enables us to use a tapered carbon fork which offers the best balance between weight, comfort and precise handling. The seat tube has a 28.6mm diameter that brings flexibility and comfort. The bottom bracket is a BSC, that fits the best the program of the bike. The cables and hoses routing are internal, thanks to small guides brazed inside the tubing.


The components

We selected components that match Roger's specification : simplicity, reliability, and clean style.  His Versus is built with a complete SRAM Force 1 HRD groupset. The wheelset is made of Hope 20Five wheels with Compass Steilacoom tires. The Thomson parts and a Brooks Cambium saddle complete the build.


First spin 

My bike is very minimalist,  it is a design choice to make it very simple. It was a real challenge for Victoire to build a bike that will match my user experience but I can comfortably say that this bike exceeds all of my expectations, in terms of comfort but also in terms of stiffness and power transfer. It was beautiful initially to get on the bike. I simply rode on the bitumen and it was very very smooth. Obviously the 1x drivetrain provides a very clean shifting and the hydraulic brakes works really good. You feel even more how well the bike rides when you go to the gravel section. It is simply amazing. The choice of wider rims and wider tires makes the bike exceptionally comfortable.

Whenever you get a new bike it is an exciting time, but to discover something which you put a lot of affect into, a lot of ideas, it is different. Through this process of designing, building, feedback, it is really allowed the opportunity to have these exact bits and pieces all put together in one package. I am not the most emotional individual, so even if I do not look on my face, it is an amazing  feeling ! Not only to feel how well the bike ride, but also the aesthetic and the global object the guys at Victoire managed to create. It is a beautiful piece of craftmanship.

Columbus XCR
Columbus Mud
Chris King Inset 7
Thomson Elite X4
Fizik Cyrano R3
Thomson Elite
Brooks Cambium
Bar-tape / Grips: 
Brooks Cambium
SRAM Force 1 HRD
Brake calipers: 
SRAM Force 1
Chris King BSA
Rear Derailleur: 
SRAM Force 1
Sram 10-42
Front Wheel: 
Hope 20Five
Rear Wheel: 
Hope 20Five
Front Tire: 
Compass Steilacoom 38mm
Rear Tire: 
Compass Steilacoom 38mm

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