Eric's Victoire Véloce XCR

Eric's Victoire Véloce XCR

Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric


Native of the Auvergne region, Eric was convinced by building here a handcrafted and timeless bicycle

I love the aesthetic and the modern lines of the frame, as well as the headbadge !

He was looking for a performant road bike : 

I ride only on the road. I started in my childhood with my father and grand-father and then I did a bit of racing. I discovered lately the Cols Mythiques and I fell in love with them, even if the first climbs were painful. I am rather a rouleur but I like to climb too that’s why I take part into sportive in the Pyrénnées or the Alps.



During our first discussions, Eric already got precise ideas of the technical specs he wanted on his frame. He detailed each tubing he wanted to use on his bespoke bicycle and their aesthetic orientation, but also the parts like the 2D dropouts. If you have very precise technical demands or if you prefer to be guided by our expertise, we go deep in the details to custom our frames.

He thought over his project over the months and our discussions, and developed it. He went for stainless steel Columbus XCR tubing instead of Columbus HSS. He also chose a T47 bottom bracket to increase the stiffness of this key area. The braze-on seat binder and front derailleur clamp offer a better integration.

To get a reactive frame, we use hydroformed tubing for the front triangle, as well as a seat tube for 31.6 seat post in order to increase the lateral stiffness. At last, there are not any cable routing for the drivetrain as Eric chose the SRAM E-TAP wireless groupset.

The fitting was made in house. We started by analyzing Eric’s position on the two bikes he used, a Pinarello Prince and a Lynskey R420. Combined with a measurement of his body in static, it gave us precious information to determine the optimal position of his three contact points during the last step, made in dynamic. 



Besides the SRAM E-TAP groupset, combines with a Fulcrum carbon crankset, Eric’s Véloce XCR is featuring a complete set of ENVE parts as well as carbon tubular rims laced on DT hubs. The King Cage stainless steel cages complete the set-up.



It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship ! Thank you to the whole team and especially Olivier, the framebuilder. This mat clear coat enables me to enjoy fully his work. This frame is a combination of heritage and modernity. Steel tubing remember me the Golden Age of handbuilt bicycles but the material is much more advanced and comes from the aeronautic. It also uses the latest standard and his geometry is definitely modern. It makes this bike really timeless.

The waiting time enables me to think over my choices and to get the latest solutions of the market like the T47 BB. It is a well thought purchase, built to last.

Rendez-vous during the Weekend Victoire in April for more feedback !    

Columbus XCR
ENVE Road 2.0
Chris King Inset 8
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric
Le Victoire Véloce XCR de Eric

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