Ordering a Victoire bespoke bike

Ordering a Victoire bespoke bike

The purchase of a bespoke bicycle is the result of a long thinking, and, as a consequence, an important action. That's why at Victoire we are doing our best to make the bike that matches the best your demands, the result of a project leading hand in hand. You will find below the different steps to access to your dream bike. 

Step 1:
Initial Contact

The adventure starts by an initial contact that will lead to a first dialogue about your project. You can join us by the contact section of our website, by phone or by visiting us in our workshop (by appointment). This initial step is the most important because they will be the base of your project. The goal of this discussion is to clearly define your needs to develop the specifications of your bespoke bicycle. This will lead to a first estimate.

When you are happy with the pricing, a 50% deposit is required. Once we receive it, your project is definitely added to the build queue. It also allows us to order the tubing and the parts we need to make your bike and start to design it.

The deposit commits you and can not be refund. Ordering a bespoke bicycle, it is first of all purchasing a bike for a long time, so take the time you need to mature your choice. You can come back to us as many times as you need during your thought period, we will be happy to help you to orientate your project.

Step 2:

The ideal is to come to our workshop. In addition to discover the place where your bespoke bike will born, we will be able to take all the measurements we need to design your bike. We get all the tools to make a precise fitting. A dynamic step allows us to define the future geometry on a bike totally adjustable.

If you can not come to our workshop, we can advise you one of our partners, or send to you a detailed process to do it yourself.

Step 3:
Drawing and Manufacturing

Thanks to the measurements, we can then realize the design of your bicycle. We will started it when your project will be at the top of the building queue. At this moment, we will come back to us to validate all the specifications of your future bespoke bicycle.

Once we have checked all the details, we will start the manufacturing. 

Step 4:
Receipt of the bike

After the manufacturing step, your bike goes to the paint shop. Then, we build it with care in our workshop.

Your bespoke bike is now ready! You can come directly to our workshop, we will be glad to show you the final result of your project! We can also guide you to our favorite roads and trails and share with you your first ride. You can give us your first feedback and we can adjust some details. If you want to discover more the Auvergne region, we can advise you the best address.

If you can not come to our workshop, no problem, we ship our bike worldwide, directly to your place or in the shop of your choice. The shipping cost depends on the destination. 

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