Zoom Patrice's Bellevue manufacturing

Zoom Patrice's Bellevue manufacturing

Patrice visited us in december for an original photoshoot, with a wet-collodion process. The result is wonderful, giving timeless pictures. 

We met Patrice a few months ago, in July 2015, during the Clermont-Aurillac stage of the Love Tour organized by 200 the magazine.  After a long discussion, Patrice trusted us to create its future bicycle. 

He uses to go for long distance ride and he is a rooted randonneur (he took part of the last Paris-Brest-Paris). Patrice has chosen a Victoire Bellevue, ideal for the program. The manufacturing has started this week, with a handcrafted steel frame, fork and stem. Fenders and rack eyelets will be add to make the perfect randonnée bicycle.  

Erwan has started to make the headtube lug, which will be combine with the stainless steel headtube. He started from a tube, and after long hours of work, this is the result: 


Le raccord de douille de direction après usinage

This is a perfect warm-up before starting our Randonneuse for the "Concours de Machine"! 

Maybe you have heard about that, we organize this year, in association with 200 the magazine, the "Concours de Machine"

This event took place from 1934 to 1949, and made famous many frame-builders and allowed great inovations.

It will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July in Ambert, France, during the Cyclo Les Copains, a very popular sportive, on the theme of the light randonneuse. The bikes of the different manufacturer will have to prove their perfomances and their reliability during the different stages on these 3 days: a 235km and more than 4000m of elevation long distance ride on the first day, a time-trial in the Béal climb the second, and a 75km gravel ride to finish. This competition is first of all friendly. It will allow to highlight our work and know-how, but it will also bring the French frame-builders together and push them to be creative and to innovate.   

More details very soon on our website! 


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