Victoire's customers at Vichy Ironman

Victoire's customers at Vichy Ironman

On the last 27 and 28 August, two of our customers, Tristan and Stephane, raced the Vichy Ironman 70.3 : 1,9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running.

Tristan went to his first triathlon with his Victoire Virage fixed gear, mounted for the occasion with a BLB 90mm rim laced on Victoire HFT hubs at the rear and a five spoke BLB05 wheel at the front. This is his feedback after his good performance since he achieved the race in less than five hours : 

Everybody looked at me like an alien with my bike ! My Victoire drew a lot of attention, but what amazed the most people was the fixed gear : "you will race with a fixie ?! You are crazy !

It was my first triathlon, and after the swimming I was not at my best. I achieved it in 43 mn. After that I took my Virage for the cycling part. I do not have any electronic device on my bike, I ride according to my feelings , but  I started to overtake some riders each kilometer. During the race, I had a lot of comments like "nice bike" or "I never thought I would be overtaken by a fixed gear on a Ironman". 

The best moment was in the last climb at Km 70 ! My ratio was quite big, a 46 x 12, and I had to push hard in the climbs. I overtook some guys who struggled with their TT bikes and  when they saw I was fixed they couldn't get over it !  

I achieved the 90K in 2:28 and the whole race in 4:58. I am pretty happy as it was my first triathlon ! 

This year, I will put a bit aside my medecine studies to realize one of my dream : to race an Ironman 140.6, twice the distance of last weekend. It will be Nice, in 2017, and I will ride for the occasion a Victoire TT bike. 



Stéphane as for him is use to race triathlons. He rides also in fixed gear, not on a Victoire frame but with our HFT hubs. This is his feedback about them : 

I use Victoire HFT 28T hubs on my Canyon Speedmax AL. I ride with a 53x17 ratio. The wheelset was built by you with H+SON rims and DT Swiss Aerospeed spokes.

I have this wheelset since Februrary 2015. I rode 5500K in 2015 and the same in 2016, so a total of 11,000K. I changed 2 or 3 spokes on the rear wheel. I also machined spacers to adapt the rear hub on my 130mm axle. At last, I replaced the bearings by Enduro Ceramic ones. I am very happy with Victoire hubs : they are reactive, smooth and versatile. 

I rode M an L triathlon format, but not yet Ironman. It will maybe next year, in Vichy, France. I came this year to see if it is possible to ride in fixed gear there. I achieved the 70.3 this year in 4:51


You can find Victoire fixed gear hubs and cogs on our shop : 

There is a special offer until the 30th of September : 120€ the front hub and 150€ the rear one, whatever the reference.

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