Victoire winner of the Concours de Machines 2016!

Victoire winner of the Concours de Machines 2016!

We will talk about the event and the light randonneuse we built in details in the next few days. Before that, we are very happy and proud to tell you that we won the Concours de Machines 2016! It is a beautiful reward because all the team worked hard these last months.

We decided to make a timeless style bike with technical aspects meeting the requirements of modern bicycles: Reynolds 953 stainless steel frames (the material with the best quality but also the most difficult to build), stainless steel fork with specific fork blades for disc brake, minimalist front rack, carbon fender or tubeless tires.

Our machine was one of the lightest: it weighed 10,7 kg in working order with bag and tools (9,2kg with out). It was tough and efficient during the three days of trials. Finally it won the competition thanks to its regularity according to all of the criteria: building quality and work of the artisan, reliability, weight, average speed during the trials and assessments of the judging panel, the builders and the public.

We would like to greet our colleagues, French homemade bikes builders, who came to the event with exceptional machines. We will remember the great atmosphere during all the weekend. That was a big moment of camaraderie, meetings and exchanges about our work which gives hope for the future.

Before we give you more details, you can discover some pictures of the weekend. If you want more, you can go on the Facebook page of Concours de Machines.


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