Victoire Véloce's feedback Summer 2017

Victoire Véloce's feedback Summer 2017

Johnny's Victoire Véloce

Johnny, our first Victoire Véloce owner in Hong-Kong, reveals his last impressions after riding for a couple of months, reminding us that a Victoire bespoke bicycle, beyond being simply a high quality performant bike is also a lasting and timeless one, associated with a unique experience. 


My Véloce is always nice, every time I ride it I am still surprised how good it fits me. Not just the frame and set up, but the riding behaviour that go so in sync with me. There is a quite special comfort like putting on an old pull-over sweater. While climbing, I can get to a steady on-going cadence more easily on Véloce   than on my new Firefly Ti-Carbon which is a faster racier design. The Columbus Spirit tubing gives a wonderful dampening effect on the cracky condition of roads in HK. Overall, it's really sporty with the extra sloping geometry frame which Julien design for me, but a gentle ride feel to keep me calm and relax. I really think this Véloce is the best long term custom bike I will enjoy for many years.

David's Victoire Véloce

Last August, David’s Victoire Véloce was exhibited for the first time. Even though he rode with a carbon Look 675 for quite some time, he finally made up his mind for a steel bespoke bicycle. He was looking for a comfortable road bike. Here are his observations after 2000km: 

Feedbak after 6 months of use: “I am really satisfied with my bike. It is comfortable while being efficient: which is a good compromise. I could even make my journeys longer. My average speed also increased on my reference tracks, with the same wheels as the ones on my old bike, so the gains are definitely due to the new frame. My position is improved, allowing me to pedal more efficiently.  When going downhill, the bike surely is stable. My Victoire Véloce perfectly meets my requirements. Patience is required but definitely worth it. Bonus: the internal route for the cables is really well done. Changing them is a piece of cake, and the guidance is perfect (unlike on Carbon bikes, for which it’s a nightmare).

Adrian's Victoire Véloce

A Victoire bespoke bike is the result of many months of thinking and interaction with the team, to define the specifications the best, perfectly matching our client’s wants and needs. Adrian’s Reynolds 953 stainless Véloce illustrates the importance of this process. This project had indeed considerably evolved between the genesis and the fabrication. Two fitting sessions, the arrival of new products on the market and a long thinking about his riding and what components would be the most adapted to it helped define his ideal road bike. His patience is now rewarded every time he rides his bike, as he happily tells us in his feedback, after of couple of months of use and a week spent riding around Nice:


I just want to get back and tell you how happy I am with the bike, I just love it ! I have a routine before going to bed : I check that everything is ok with my to kids and then I check my bike and after that I go to sleep. I can just not stop looking at it. And now when I have put some mile in to the frame I can just say the fit is just perfect and the feel of riding it is amazing ! Knowing that I had this amazing bike coming made me really push my winter training and now I can ride it really hard. 

I feel confident on it and it allows me to push me harder then before, its for me the ultimate bike. She climbs like a dream. I was a bit worried about the weight penalty also that she rides so good on the flat, but it’s a magic do-it-all combination. 


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