Victoire at Roc d'Azur 2016

Victoire at Roc d'Azur 2016

For the third year in a row, we will be at the Roc d'Azur show. We will be located this year in the A11 booth, in the inside part of the show. It will be the occasion to present to the public our work and some of the most emblematic projects of this 2016 year : 

The Reynolds 953 stainless steel Victoire Véloce

This project made last autumn for the Rapha pop-up store in Paris is definitiely performance-oriented. Its Reynolds 953 stainless steel frame is the top of the range, while keeping a high comfort level specific to the steel. This bike had a good visibility this year since it was tested by three  French medias : l’Acheteur Cycliste, Le Cycle and Matos Vélo. It has been selected by Michelin to present its latest high-end road tire on their Roc d'Azur booth, the Power.


The light randonneuse, winner of the Concours de Machines

We were this year at the origin of the re-edition of the Concours de Machines, a contest that aims to reward the best French handcrafted bicycle : during three days, the bikes built for the occasion were put to the test. The last edition took place in 1949, so it took 67 years to highlight the savoir-faire of the French bike builders. Proof that this event was awaited, 19 artisans were present. The theme for this year was the light randonneuse : a bike light and performant that can ride for a longtime, in every conditions and with a minimum of luggages. At the end of this three days of trials, we were happy to see our machine crown as the winner, thanks to its regularity and its reliability during the whole contest. 

The Formula MTB in a new configuration

The MTB made with Formula for last year's Roc d'Azur was also seen several times in the medias this year : it was tested both in French magazines Vélo Vert and Big Bike, and it appeared on the report about Victoire on Vojo. It will be on display this year with a new custom paint, more resistant than our clear coats. The equipement will also featured some new parts for 2016 like the Sram Eagle drivetrain, the Formula Cura brakes and also the new Tune Blackburner wheels at only 1200gr with a set of Michelin prototypes tires.



The Versus Touring

We presented you last week the Versus Touring, a versatile bicycle which will feel comfortable both on roads and paths, and that can also set off a several day ride thanks to the rack eyelets on the frame and the fork. Equipped with the new Campagnolo Potenza drivetrain, this bike in size 56 is available now at 3900€ instead of 4600€. It will be on display on our booth, so do not hesitate to come to see it closer.


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