Victoire frames now fillet brazed only

Victoire frames now fillet brazed only

At Victoire, we use a welding process called fillet-brazing. It is, for us, the most suited features for the realization of a bespoke frame. This welding method is described as heterogeneous since the filler metal is not the same as the tubes metal. It offers many advantages:

  • The filler metal has a much lower melting temperature than the steel tubing that we use. Therefore, it cancels the phenomenon of heat-affected zone (or HAZ). Indeed, if the tubes are heated to intensely, the area near the welding will be deteriorated and might have lower mechanical properties. With TIG welding (a welding process chosen for the majority of steel or aluminum frames), there is almost always a HAZ, which leads to a weakening of the frame just after welding. Our solder melting at about 800 °, our tubes are not affected and the frame is a lot more stronger.
  • We use specific rods for our frames. After numerous tests, we selected a brazing filler metal developed in France. This alloy is a composition of several metals in order to obtain excellent weldability and high mechanical characteristics.
  • We polish our fillets to obtain a perfectly smooth rendering. The goal is obviously aesthetics but also mechanics. Indeed, polishing welds eliminates the stress concentration phenomenon. In the case of an unpolished welding, every edges and rough edges will stop stress and can lead to the creation of micro-cracks, which then cause the frame breakage.

We hand polish every welding in order to obtain a perfectly smooth rod to touch. Each weld takes approximately 1 hour to be polished.

We are continuously working on improving our process. Although we are craftsmen, we are first of all engineers and we struggle to use the most moderns tools and methods to develop our products. It is with this goal that we are working in collaboration with the IFMA, the local engineering school. We are doing different tests to compare different type of welding or different range of steel, to improve our manufacturing process and our products.


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