The Victoire Fat Bike won the 6 hours of St Clement endurance race

The Victoire Fat Bike won the 6 hours of St Clement endurance race

On Sunday the 19th of October took place the 6h VTT de St Clément, a 6 hours endurance race in France organized by the St Clément Cyclo Club. Jean-Marc, the owner of the first Fat Bike made by Victoire was there to race in the individual category. He won the race after 6 hours and 93km of riding with his Fat!

However the track does not look adapted to the big tires at first sight:
"It was a 5,5km track. It was a mix of cyclo-cross part with large paths and a grass section and an other one more technical in the woods with winding single tracks. I decided to inflate more my tires to be more efficient in the first portion. I felt that I will suffer, it was not the best track for my Fat".

From the 3rd lap, Jean-Marc will be ahead of the race with two other racers that he left after 3 hours of racing. He spent the next 3 hours alone in the front of the race and win it in pain after 6 hours.

The big tires did not leave the public indifferent, like Jean-Marc say:
 "My bike was the center of attention. People asked me lots of questions, they were very interested in. They were as surprised by the big tires as the fineness of the frame'" 

And about the bike during the race:  "the big tires' grip is excellent and the handling of my Fat is great! Thanks to Victoire Cycles to have made a bike which match perfectly my demands!"

You can find the complete bike check of this Fat, as well as Jean-Marc's feedback after a summer spending to ride it on our website.


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Thanks to Jacques Jallat for the photos of the race

Jean Marc before the start

Jean-Marc in the single

The Fat is very handle in the single

The big tires' grip is good too

Jean-Marc at the finish. Big tires and thin tubing


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