The Véloce Ventoux nominated for the Hypervélo

The Véloce Ventoux nominated for the Hypervélo

This weekend we will not only have one competition but two! 

Indeed, while our light randonneuse will be at the Concours de Machines, our Véloce Ventoux model will enter the running for the title of the Hypervélo 2016 (the best bike of the year). Like every year, the magazine  L'Acheteur Cycliste, presents the election of the Hypervélo. 10 bikes are nominated. These bicycles are the ones which have seduced the editorial board during the year and the Véloce Ventoux have the honour of being in the list.

After Faustino Coppi last year, Bernard Thévenet will preside over the committee which will decide between the 10 applicants this year.

Before the results, you can discover once more this exclusive model made for mountain. This frame only weigh 1300 gr:


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