Update of our lead time

Update of our lead time

The 2017 year has been busy and full of developments for us. Besides our new visual identity, we also worked a lot on the global organization of the company. Thanks to the help of the Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes region, we have been able to work with a consulting-firm to create new tools to improve our efficiency.

We also hired additional people in our workshop and we spent a lot of time in training. Finding competent people to manufacture bespoke bikes isn’t an easy thing to do and we are satisfied by the work their achieved. There are now three frame-builders and 1 mechanic in our workshop.


This work enables us to both increase our production and the quality of our bespoke bicycles. Our lead time is now 12 months between the validation of the order and the start of the fabrication

It may decrease of 2 or 3 months in 2018 but not beyond. This period is essential : it enables us to think over your project and to precisely define your needs. Making the decision to buy  a bespoke bicycle, that will follow you during a part of your life, is important. We need time to discuss and to understand your needs to determine precise specification.  About three months before the start of the fabrication, we spend half a day with you to make a complete fitting. We often start by a ride during the lunch time. It enables to start the discussion but also to see your riding style and your position on your current bike. These elements are important to design your bespoke bicycle. At last, we finalize the specifications of your project, in order to order the tubing and parts we need to build it.

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