Two articles on Vojo Mag for Victoire

Two articles on Vojo Mag for Victoire

Vojo Mag, the Belgian web magazine, is a reference in the French speaking MTB world, so we are very happy to be highlighted by the redaction. 

The first one is a report made by Pierre-Jean Nicot after his visit in January. You can discover our workshop as well as our story, with beautiful photos and layout.

The second article is about Ludovic's Victoire mountain bike, one of our Belgian customer. You can discover from the customer point of view, the creation of a bespoke bike, from the customer's specification to the riding of the final built. The conclusion of Olivier Béart, editor of Vojo, is really flattering:

"As good looking as enjoyable to ride, this Victoire gets a soul. And it is this soul that make it a lasting investment, because if the material itself is timeless, it is mainly its ability to translate the desires of its rider that make it almsot endless"

You can find these two articles on Vojo website (in French): ces deux articles sur le site de Vojo:


Thanks to Pierre-Jean Nicot for the photos and the report


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