Tristan Beaufils and his Victoire Vitesse on the road to Hawaii

Tristan Beaufils and his Victoire Vitesse on the road to Hawaii

In a few days, Tristan will be at the start of the Ironman World championship in Kona, Hawaii, with his Victoire Vitesse. Before he takes off to the Pacific, we asked him some questions about the months that followed his incredible performance - 9th overall an 1st of his category - on the Nice Ironman.


You are on your way to Hawaii for Ironman Worlds, how do you feel before the start of the competition ?

I am very happy to take part to such a race, Hawaii is THE monument of triathlon. It is really the very best who are there, and the fact that everybody gathered on a volcanic island at the other side of the world add something epic. The conditions will be really harsh : it is warm and wet, the wind is strong. The mindest will be more important than the physical shape.   


In Nice you achieved an incredible performance with a 9th place overall for your first Ironman, how was the recovery ?

An Ironman is really an anti-physiological trial, you push really far your body. I come back to training too early, running was painful, I had no power on my bike and no support in water. It really took 6 weeks to fully recover from Nice. It is only in September that sensations came back progressively. 

What this result changed for you ? Have you received some support for Hawaii ? 

At the beginning, I went to Nice to realize a dream I had in mind for a while. To finish 9th was really an achievment !  I am really happy to extend this dream to Hawaii. After Nice, my Facebook quite explosed, I received a lot of messages to congratulate me, my race report was read by a lot of people, I even had a repost on the Ironman France page and an article in Triathlète Magazine. I received a financial support from my club  Lille triathlon, as well as a product dotation from Mavic and Victoire. Actually, I did not really had time to look for sponsors, because I was really busy with studies and training.


You go back to university after a gap year, how do you manage your time between studies and training ?

I prepare my internship competitive exam, in June, that will determine my future specialism. It is like an Ironman but in the medicine version ! It is hard to reconcile the both but there is a similar approach in the preparation : tenacity, rigour, and a continuous challenge. It is also important to have a way out to clear your mind in this kind of study. Mine is swimming, cycling, and running !   


How did you prepare yourself for Hawaii ? Did you do some changes in your training compared to Nice ?

I reduce my training by half, from 20/25h per week to 10h. With my studies, I have only the lunch time to train. So I favoured quality rather than quantity. I did some good session on the home-trainer : 5h on my Victoire with 3*1h at about 300W and a 30K running with 20*1000m on track at a pace of  3:45/km. 


Talk us about your Victoire Vitesse, what are your feelings about  this bike after several months of intensive riding ? According to you, what are the advantages of this bike ?

It is a really great bike, stiff and reactive that transmits well the power. The tailored geometry enables to optimize the aero while keeping a comfortable position. I can not wait to ride it on Queen K ! This bike is really as good as the full carbon bike we use to see on the Ironman. I clocked the 6th time (2nd amateur) in Nice on a 2000+ elevation route, so it demonstrates that the bike works well ! 

This bike is also special for me because it was handcrafted especially for me. I am not the kind of person to buy a bike to sell it the next year to be at the top of fashion. I am really happy to have a timeless bike with which I will live a bunch of good moments that I will be able to tell to my children ! And Hawaii is the next one ! 


What is your competitors' reaction when they see you riding a steel bike ? 

« Oh you are the one riding the Victoire ! »

 I heard this sentence a tenth of times. In Nice, I was not Tristan Beaufils, but " the guy who's riding a Victoire bike " !
I did not go unnoticed in the bike parc. Most of  the people were impressed by the steel frame, the design and the single ring. I think the Americans will like it.


A last word before flying to Hawaii ?

I am really proud to be the first to ride a Victoire on Queen K, and I hope they will be other people after me !

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