Triathlon project: Tristan's feedback

Triathlon project: Tristan's feedback


We have recently presented you with our first Victoire Vitesse, a bike completely dedicated to triathlon and TT. Tristan, its owner, accepted for us to do a Q&A to explain in more depth his project:

 What is your cycling experience ? 

I’m a beginner! I only started when I got my Victoire fixed-gear, about 3 years ago, but I’ve been riding really seriously for only 8 months. I must have done 1,500km with my fix-gear one between 2014 and 2016 and probably around 7,000 km ever since I started triathlon last September.

Is your current activity only triathlon ? When did you start ?

With my sister we both challenged ourselves, the goal was to achieve Milan’s marathon for her and the Nice’s Ironman (IM) for me. In the context of those two challenges, we created the project KM pour Petits Princes in order to raise money for the Petits Prince. It is a charity that seeks to make the hospitalized children dreams come true, and which took care of my sister when she was sick in 2012.

I chose to take a gap year in my study (currently being in my 6th year of med school) to pursue my Nice’s IM goal, on July, the 23rd, but also to prepare my medicine internship. When I first started triathlon, for fun, I directly did the Half Ironman in Vichy, France, last august. Without any training - I never swam more than 500m in front crawl before - and with my Victoire fixed-gear bike.

My 1st real triathlon was then the one in Cannes, last April, for which I would rank 31st /1500.  It was my first time with a TT bike.

How did you hear about us ?

By chance! At the end of 2013, I wanted someone to manufacture a vintage track bike keeping a modern and refined design. So, I mailed Julien, attaching a picture of what I desired and asking where it would be possible to find a frame like the one I wanted. He immediately suggested to do it for me, in exact accordance with my plan. I accepted and was more than happy when I discovered the final result. 

What made you trust us for this project ? Wasn't our lack of experience a drag ?

When the TT project started, in 2015, it was once again really random! I contacted Julien just to ask if it was possible to paint a triathlon bike’s frame I wanted to acquire. He then mentioned his TT bike project, in the English Bike style. He suggested to do it for me and once more, I accepted. Knowing Victoire’s team, I knew this project would be fire !

Is it your first triathlon bike or have you had any other experiences ?

Yes, it is my first! While I was waiting for my Victoire bike, a friend lent me a CERVELO P3 for the Cannes’s triathlon.  Though, I did all my winter training with my Victoire fixed-gear and a 48x12 gear ratio. A long-term training that allowed me to undoubtedly improve my cycling strength.

 I was also pleasantly surprised by the Victoire’s stability, stiffness, and responsiveness as compared to the P3. However, uphill, when the percentages were above 6-7% the P3 was more performant. But the Victoire is a real TT bike and this kind of bikes are not necessarily adapted for environments like this.

What were your specifications for this project ? Did you have any requirements, especially for the components ? 

I didn’t really have specifications for this project.  I completely trusted Julien, and his choice of components. The aim was to obtain a performant triathlon bike, with Reynolds tubing, entirely bespoke, and in the TT English Bike style.

And here again, I couldn’t be happier with the result! Better than what I expected!

What are your future projects with this bike ?

When I started the training last September, I had for unique goal to complete the Nice Ironman. As the weeks went by, and giving my quick progression and growing potential, I’ve been told about the qualifying rounds for the Ironman is Hawaii in my age category. It is the equivalent of the world championships. At first, I thought it would be impossible regarding my only recent start in the triathlon discipline. I especially had to improve my swimming performances. But giving the results in Aix, I started to think it could actually be possible, up to the point that I am now clearly aiming the qualifying rounds for Hawaii on the 23rd of July. In the case of a failure, I would try again the ones in Vichy, at the end of August, a year only after my first Half Ironman with my first fixed-gear Victoire Virage bike, but this time with my CLM.

You can find the complete bike-check of Tristan's Victoire Vitesse in Our Creations section :





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