A summer on Victoire road bikes

A summer on Victoire road bikes

Some news of our customers, owners of our road models Véloce and Bellevue, after a summer riding their Victoire.


Gilles' Victoire Véloce

Gilles is a faithful customer, owner of three Victoire : a MTB, a DeVille and a Véloce. This mountain lover suffered from his back on his previous bikes, so we worked a lot on this point when we designed the geometry. This is his feedback after 3000K, including a participation to GFNY Mont Ventoux and Tour Transalp :

Some adjustement and 3000K later, I am still very happy with my Victoire Véloce ! The few modifications are mainly on the equipment and the adjustement of the position. I have mounted new Tune components, in order to optimize the style and the weight, without affect the comfort and the stiffness : Komm Vor saddle, carbon bottle cages and TSR 27 wheelset. Since the reception of the bike in May, I have mainly ridden in mountain areas : Massif Central, Alpes and Dolomites. I have never felt any lack of stiffness in the frame and pains in my back have totally disappeared, I am so happy !

The combination 44mm headtube - FEL fork and head tube angle well selected provide a very safe handling. I have recently mounted a pair of Michelin Power Endurance tires in 28 mm that increase the comfort on bad roads. The relative flexibility of the bottom bracket compared to a carbon frame is well compensated by the Columbus HSS chainstays that transmit perfectly the effort to the rear wheel. The comfort when you are seat on the saddle is totally what I expected : I have not got any pain during the long rides. The Tune saddle has not any cushion but its ergonomy and the work on the seatsatys work perfectly. 

I had numerous positive feedbacks on my bike that enabled me to sing the praises of Victoire : the frame geometry, the delicacy of the tubing, the quality of the welds  and the color are as many compliments I got.  And I still enjoy to see it each time I go to my garage, congratulations to the Victoire team ! 

Little bonus, I improved my time by 10 minutes in the Mont Ventoux climb during the GFNY in June, compared to my five previous climb I did between 2014 and 2015 !

To complete Gilles' feedback, we can precise that he has just replaced his original Dura-Ace groupset by a Sram Red. He rode it for the first time last weekend during the Rapha Prestige Massif Central. 



Guillaume's Véloce

Guillaume is the happy owner of one of our flagship bike with his Véloce equipped with Chris King Mango components : 

I enjoy my Victoire Véloce for now a year, and I never get tired of looking at it from all angles before going for a ride. 

The hot summer enabled me to fully enjoyed it. It started well at the end of June by the GFNY Mont Ventoux. Even I was not well prepared, I  realized that the Victoire Véloce is a very tolerant bike that enables climb without suffering too much.  The position helps a lot to push the limits, and on this point, I can thank the tailor-made ! I have a climber profile and I am used to climb standing up on the pedals. However, I suprised myself to climb 90% of the time sat on the saddle. I just have to find the right ratio and I do not move : what a pleasure ! 

After a break in July, August enabled me to rediscover the roads of my region of South Allier, France. They are small roads without cars, not very smooth, where you feel immediately the capacity of the frame to filter the imperfections of the tarmac. It also enables to gain in precision in the technical downhills. The area around the Monts de la Madeleine is ideal to put to the test the vivacity of the bike: there is not any flat moment ! Despite its 7.5 kg and the aluminium wheels, I climb the hills on smaller sprockets than last year. By the way, the handcrafted wheelset built by Victoire is great, both dynamic and stiff : it is just perfect ! No true, the pads are set perfectly on the rims and it never rubs. And the Chris King hubs, they are so smooth ! 

At last, I came back to Paris at the end of the summer, and I enjoyed to ride the Longchamps track, the bike handles very well at a high pace. With a big ratio and the hands down on the handlebar, nothing moves ! The bottom bracket transmit perfectly the pedalling effort whereas the chainstays and the seatstays keep the bike on the road without any noises.  


Claire's Bellevue

Our customers were not the only one to ride this summer. At Victoire, we also enjoyed our summer break to explore new roads. Julien and his wife Claire rode the Route des Crêtes from Toulon to Cassis on the French Riviera, guided by Matthieu Lifschitz aka manivelle.cc . It was the perfect occasion for Claire to inaugurate her Bellevue and to discover the joy of cycling on exceptional roads. 


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