Summer adventures on the Victoire Versus

Summer adventures on the Victoire Versus

If there is a model in the Victoire range that represents the best all the possibilites offered by a bike, it is the Versus. A performant bicycle, designed for adventure, which offers a large freedom. On the presentation page of our range, it presents like that:

"The Versus is our vision of the performant and allround bicycle. More than a gravel or cyclocross segmentation, the Versus is the bike that enables you to go fast from one point to another, through roads and trails"

Our customers, happy owner of Versus, enjoyed the summer to show us how this is translated in-situ.

From Gap to Nice by the col de la Bonette with Luc


Luc Royer is the man behind Chilkoot - La compagnie des pionniers, which organizes events where adventure and friendship are the keywords. We can quote for example Confluences or the BTR, for Born To Ride, where the long-distance lovers went from Vézelay, France to Barcelone, Spain by the cathedrals of Clermont-Ferrand, Le Puy, Montpellier and Perpignan, that is to say about 1000K without support.

But for this summer ride, Luc was not the instigator. The aim was to reach Nice on the French Riviera from Gap in the Hautes-Alpes, with a start during the night to be at the top of Col de la Bonette at sunrise. The idea came from Matthieu Lifschitz aka

His Victoire Versus was for the occasion equipped with tailor-made bikepacking bags by Type Deux Manufacture.

If you want to take part to other Chilkoot events this year, you can apply to the Cuneo Monaco Classico on the 24th and 25th of September and the Tour du Vaucluse Historique on the 12th of November. 

>>> Luc's Versus bike check


Adventures in Les Vosges for Nicolas


After he picked-up his steel/carbon Versus at the workshop just before the Concours de Machines, Nicolas brought it the forest of Les Vosges, France. An ideal region to ride his bike :

"The rides on forest tracks and somes singles took place in the North of Les Vosges, France. It was 50K / 1000+ rides where I enjoyed to loose myself on purpose. I also made shorter rides, more intensive, wiht 20K / 600+. This place is great to ride, both on roads and trails. There were a lot of routes where I was, and the paint of bike matched perfectly the scenery !

On the tracks, it is a true pleasure. When I do some riding mistakes, the bike forgives well. Once I found the right tyre pressure, the bike "surfs" on the terrain.  

It is stable in fast downhills. In the more technical ones, I have to progress to brake less, but there is nothing to do with the bike's handling ! I have not been caught off guard by the ratio yet in the steepest climbs. I confirm that it is not the king of the mountain, but it is not awkward for all that.

In addition to the 32 mm Compass tyres and the WTB Nano 40, I tried the Shikoro model from Soma in 42. There are not as soft as the Compass ones, but they have a reinforced carcass-ply that is essential in Paris. I also have a pair of  Bruce Gordon RocknRoad, and some Panaracer Fire Cross in 700x45 ; yes, I have got a problem with tyres... I like it.  

I also rode from Paris to Rouen on the Classics Paris Challenge route. I rode without any performance idea (26kph avg speed, 146K, 1300+). At the end, I did not have any pains. 

>>> Nicolas' Versus bike check


Bunker Research trip for Rémi

We made this spring a pair of Versus for Rémi and his father. Rémi is Café du Cycliste's co-founder. He did a trip this summer with the British website , in the footsteps of Max Leonard and Camille McMillan's book, Bunker Research

Three days on the bike, 60% of gravel and 40% of paved roads for 163K and 3300m of elevation.

  • Stage 1 : Nice - Sospel - Monte-Grosso 
  • Stage 2 : Monte-Grosso - Breil sur Roya - Casterino
  • Stage 3 : Casterino - Col de Tende - Tende

During these three days, Rémi went lightweight with a bivvy kit, folding fishing rod (standard), and enough space under the rear straps to carry the food & wine supplies they picked up towards the end of each day.  Find the complete report of the trip with great photos on Café du Cycliste website.

>>> Rémi's Versus bike check


Benjamin's Versus

Benjamin received recently his Versus and he did not wait to enjoy it, both on sportive configuration and travelling one. The bike check will come soon on our website!

Retrouvez l'ensemble des Versus que nous avons réalisés dans la rubrique Nos Réalisations


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