Review of the Concours de Machines 2017

Review of the Concours de Machines 2017

We are going to present you with our randonneuse, in details, in the next few days, but we’d like to share with you some photos of the Concours de Machines 2017 already.


The work accomplished beforehand and the intensity of the weekend made it exhausting. However, the meetings and discovering our fellow frame builders works made It even more rewarding. Even though we haven’t been prized this year, we are foremost still really satisfied. Our team was fully committed until the last minute to present you with a completed machine, consistent with our exigencies and our vision of what a light randonneuse should be. We are proud of what we presented, the machine showed how effective it could be anywhere. The fenders and the disc brakes were highly appreciated in the hardest parts of the journeys.


The Concours also represented an opportunity for us to show our first prototype for the new brand we are launching, which you can discover on the blog. Successfully challenged for 2 days by Matthieu Lischitz, the test will carry on all summer long as he will do the TCR with this bike. The latter is a preview of a high-end new range of steel and stainless cycles, manufactured in our workshop. This new range will be TIG-welded, the geometries and tubes standardized and the finishing choices will remain limited so as to shorten the waiting time



We’d like to thank Christophe Courbou, JP Ferreira from 2-11 Cycles et the MILC team as without them the event wouldn’t have existed. A big thank you to the Copains team for their warm welcome. Congratulations to all the contestants, and especially the overseas ones that travelled this far for the event. Finally, a major thank you to the entirety of the public for their interest, hoping that it will remain intact for the next few years. 


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