New machined parts for Victoire frames

New machined parts for Victoire frames

After the first prototypes made for our randonneuse of the Concours de Machines,  we have launched recently a new production of machined parts for our bespoke frames. It meets some of our proper needs and enables us to be more efficient on the components we use the most.

These parts are machined next to our workshop, at about 30km, by the company who makes all our hubs. So it is easy to exchange on our projects in order to get the perfect quality for our products.

For this first production, we have made some water-bottle bosses and 44mm headtube ring . The first are used a lot on all our bikes, whereas the second ones meet a need that does not exist on the market. They are machined to make the junction between headtube and headset.

We are working on other components which will be produced in 2017. New finishing options will be also presented soon.


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