Never give up ! Tristan's race at Ironman Worlds

Never give up ! Tristan's race at Ironman Worlds

On the last 15th of October, Tristan Beaufils took part into his first Ironman Worlds in Kona, Hawaii. This event was the last of a gap year dedicated to triathlon, where he revealed his talent. After a first victory on the 70.3 trial of Aix en Provence and a second one on the showpiece race in Nice in the 18-24 category - 9th overall - Hawaii was the result of a successful season. Despite he went back to university in September and he reduced his training by half, he arrived in Kona with a big motivation. After a careful swimming, he overtook 980 competitors on the 180K of the bike trial riding at an average speed of almost 38 kph. His bespoke steel Victoire Vitesse stood up from the carbon models in the bike parc as much as on QueenK. He proved once more that the performances of his Victoire are as good as them. His perfect position combined to the quality of steel enable him to reduce his fatigue before the marathon. Despite a heat stroke on this last trial, he ended 3rd of his category. Story of an unforgettable day.   


Never give up !

On this Saturday 15th of October, I lived both the worst and the best day of my life. I discovered this giant competition that is Kailua-Kona Ironman and in the same time the beautiful Hawaii Big Island. Only one word comes to my mind to describe this race : shivers.

Shivers at 5 am, when tension is at its maximum. We are all focused : bike, helmet, shoes, food... everything is set up with precision. It will be a long day and there is no room for mistakes.

Shivers at 6:30 am when the US anthem rings out in Kailua Bay.

Shivers when the cannon shot announces the start of pro men at 6:35 am and pro women at 6:40 am. At the next one at 7:05 am, it will be my turn.

The wait in the water is long. At the cannon shot, we go for 3.8 km of swimming. I follow one of my club mate that knows well the bay - it is his 6th Hawaii Ironman - . He shows me the way. I am out of water after 1h09. I feel very good.

I take my Victoire Vitesse for a 180K ride to the North of the island, on the famous QueenK, a never-ending highway through stunning landscapes. Shivers. The first part to Hawi is fast, with a strong wind that pushes me. I ride the first 90K at 40 kph. The 90 others will be with a headwind : I feel I struggle against a big hair-dryer ! It starts to be very hot. I think I drank about 10L of water on the bike. I finish the trial in 4h48 at an average speed of almost 38 khp. I overtook 980 competitors on this part. In the bike parc, I see the bike of my mate Damien Béthencourt.

I feel very well, like in Nice. The sub3 seems possible. I start at a lower pace because a lot of people told me that it is the most demanding trial. The marathon starts on Alii Drive, a famous road along the beach. I catch my mate Damien who cheers on me. I see the 4th of my category on the other side - I might be 6th or 7th at this time - and I think : "I will eat you ! ". 


But quickly, at Km13, before running up Palani Road, I feel something wrong.  I've never felt that before. I can not keep my pace, I feel weak, I have a heat stroke. I still have 30K to go, I will never handle it. At that time, I think about withdrawing from the race.

I pull myself together : I do not travel around the Earth to withdraw ! I will walk until the end if necessary ! QueenK is terrible. I catch again Damien, he is walking too. We laugh about that. Progressively, I start to run again, I am not here to walk ! 

Over the kilometers, I find some energy. I do not think anymore, everybody around me is almost stopped. The heat is terrible and I am surrounded by zombies ! 

At about 1 mile from the finish line, some French guys tell me that I am third ! I draw on my ressources to end this marathon on the podium of my category in 3h26 - 9h36 in total - . 

A big thank to all the people who followed me behind their screen and send me messages !
Thanks to my club Lille Triathlon !
Thanks to Victoire Cycles to have created such a machine ! 

What a year ! I did not expect that in September 2016 ! Now back to the university with a new goal at the end of the year :  the internship competitive exam

We have to admit that we did not know how talented he was when Tristan reached us for a bespoke TT bike project. He totally trusted in us to design his bike and we are proud to have worked with such an ambassador. It was a true pleasure to follow him during this year, and we wish him the best for his next challenge. 


Find more about Tristan's season : 

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