Michel and his Bellevue on the Tour de l'Hexagone

Michel and his Bellevue on the Tour de l'Hexagone


Fond of cycle-touring for 25 years, Michel has got his bespoke Bellevue at the beginning of the year – find the complete bike check on our website. One of his aim for 2016 was to achieve the Tour de l'Hexagone he had to finish prematurely a year ago. This event organize by the French cycle-touring federation takes place in two parts of 30 stages and 3000K each with the objective to discover France by its coasts and borders. 

Despite him being  at the start of the 2015 edition in Honfleurs, North of France, Michel had to withdraw after 2000K because he broke his wrist on a crash. He was keen to finish the 1000K left, the hardest of the trip because he had to cross the Pyrénnées alone.


It is at the beginning of last October that Michel started this challenge for 11 days from the south of La Rochelle, on the Atlantic coast. He rode during four days to the Pyrénnées without support. When the mountain stages were coming, one of his relative came to help him, in order not to carry any luggages during the long ascents. He climbed 13 passes among the most famous of the massif.   

Except two punctures, Michel did not have any mechanical issues. His Bellevue was a  faithful companion during this trip. He had never experienced such long climbs as the Pyrénées, so he had a lot of apprehension about his capacity to endure several mountain stages. However, his doubts quickly went away.

Michel had a lot of pains on his previous bike because of a bad position. Thanks to the fitting, as well as a precise choice of tubing and components, Michel was surprised not to be very tired at the end of each stage :

"I could have a walk in the evening and visit the village where I stopped without feeling tired. I had big pains in the neck with my previous bike, and it never happened during these 1000K"

Michel was also satisfied by the different choices made on the equipment :

" I am 99% sure that I wouldn't have achieved it with my previous bike. There is a huge gap with the Victoire ! I wanted a triple crankset at first but I decided to listen to your advices. Thanks to the adapted ratio (a 46/34 double chainring combined with a 11-36 cassette) I was able to climb everywhere. Moreover, the bike was very reliable during the trip, so I could travel without thinking about mechanical issues" 

He adds :

" I was not very confident in the beginning: alone and without any experience of mountain stages, I was convinced  I wouldn't succeed. So it is a great satisfaction. I was even more surprised because it went better than what I planned : my timing forecast were good and I felt better day after day. Another satisfaction is that I never walked in the climbs, even if I took some breaks some times to recover a bit."


Michel wishes to thank all the participants of the TH2015 who support him during his trip. The excellent atmosphere in the group pushes him to be at the start of the second part of the Tour Hexagonal, from the 6th of June to the 9th of July. It will cross the Alps, the Jura and the Vosges during 3000K.

Michel rode 5300K with his Bellevue this year. He shows us through his experience that a bike perfectly fit, both to his morphology and his riding, enables him to push his limits further.

The Bellevue is our model dedicated to cycle-touring, with a high comfort level for the long rides. Find all the informations about this bike on our website : http://bit.ly/2gL0LyD

The complete bike check of Michel’s Bellevue is available on the following link : http://bit.ly/2g3sAhf

Michel rode 1037K, with 14 300m of elevation, in 11 stages :

  • 1st stageRochefort - Clérac
  • 2nd stageClérac-Langon
  • 3rd stageLangon-Saint Sever
  • 4th stage: Saint Sever - Lurbe Saint Christau
  • 5th stageLurbe Saint Christau- Argeles Gazost by Marie Blanque, the Aubisque and the Soulor
  • 6th stageBagneres de Bigorre- Avajan by the Tourmalet and the Aspin
  • 7th stageAvajan-Moulis par Peyresourde by col de Menté and col de Portet d'Aspet
  • 8th stage : Moulis - Savignac les Ormeaux by col de la Crouzette, col de Portel, col de Péguère, Caougnous and col de Port
  • 9th stageSavignac les Ormeaux – Prades by col de Pailheres
  • 10th stagePrades - Lézignan Corbieres
  • 11th stageLezignan Corbieres - Clermont l'hérault

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