A major evolution for Cycles Victoire

A major evolution for Cycles Victoire

A new chapter is opening for Cycles Victoire with a new visual identity made in partnership with Matthieu Lifschitz, alias Manivelle.cc


When the story of Victoire has started in 2011, it was not planned to build bespoke bicycles. The first idea was to produce fixed gear steel frames with a subcontractor in France, in addition to our hubs and cogs also made in France. At the time, the fixed gear culture was in full swing and close to the vintage movement. We made the choice to create Victoire’s identity around it to minimize our youth on this market where some actors are for decades. 

Like often when you create a company, things did not go as planned, and we quickly realized that it was impossible to meet our quality needs with a classic welding company. So we took the decision to learn framebuilding in order to produce our frames in-house. To finance this research and development work , we made many frames for different cycling disciplines : fixed gear of course but also Bike-Polo, road bikes, urban bicycles or MTB. This diversity in our creations enabled us to get a lot of experience and skills, by building bicycles always different. Each frame was a new challenge, designed for a new person with new needs. This is how we have started building bespoke bicycles.

After six years and about 300 tailor-made bicycles, it is now time to affirm our beliefs with a new visual identity, that matches our vision of what a Victoire bike should be. Even if framebuilding is a  centenarian job, our creations do not come from the past. We highlight new technologies, like hydraulic disc brakes or wider tires on road bikes. If we think they are relevant, we use the latest standards, like the T47 bottom bracket. The use of the latest materials is for us essential, like Columbus and Reynolds high-end stainless steel. 

Each bicycle builds in our workshop is made with a main target : to give his owner complete satisfaction during many years, without consideration of trends and vintages. That’s why we went for a strong and timeless new visual identity. The Concours de Machines 2016 was a triggering factor in this evolution, and the meeting with Matthieu Lifschitz - alias Manivelle.cc - enabled us to start the  revision of our graphic identity with a new vision.

After several months of research, discussions, and riding, the whole Cycles Victoire team is happy to present you our new visual identity through this new website and the latest tailor-made creations we will put online in the next days.


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