Latest news from the workshop

Latest news from the workshop

After a short period of interruption, our workshop is now at its cruising speed. The last details were achieved on the frames that were still in production and we have started new projects.

Romain took advantage of the last weeks to take its mark and become familiar with the different tools. He also made his first stainless steel frame. This material is more difficult to work than a regular steel for two reasons. First of all, it is much more harder so you have to really take care during mittering. Then, stainless steel tubing are brazed with a silver based alloy. This is a low temperature process and generally silver is much more fluid than brass, which makes it harder to build a fillet at the joint. Romain successed very well for his first experience! This frame is part of a special project, you will now more about it in the next weeks. We can already say one thing, it will be light! 

After several weeks of waiting, we received a carbon seat tube to finish Nicolas' Versus.

We will talk about it more in details when we will present the complete bike, but this solution was not planned at first. It required some work to be well fitted to the bespoke steel frame. Nicolas is 2,04m tall, and he wanted an allround bicycle, halfway between a MTB and a road bike. His large size has a big influence when we had to choose the different technical solutions. The frame is made from Reynolds 853 reinforced tubing and a PF30 BB. We also used for the first time the Loco Machine dropouts for 12mm thru-axle. At last, the cable routing is totally internal thanks to the triple triangle. 

We have a few details to achieved before bringing this frame to the paint shop. It will be mounted then with a single chainring drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. More details on this project soon! 


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