King Cage available in our shop

King Cage available in our shop

King Cage bottle cages are now available in our shop. Handmade in the USA, we like a lot their clean and timeless style that matches perfectly the lines of our bespoke bicycles. Different models are available, in stainless steel or titanium. You can find them on the following link :



Stainless Steel King Cage 

The classic model of the range, made from stainless steel 304 tubing.


Iris King Cage

Also made from stainless steel 304 tubing, but with a different shape.


Titanium King Cage

The titanium version of the classic one weighs only 28g.


Kargo King Cage 

Made from 304 stainless steel, this model enables to carry some tools and an inner-tube. Available in two versions, road or MTB.  


King Cage Many Thing

Made from titanium tubing, the King Cage ManyThing Cage is designed to be mounted on forks with 3-bolt mounts like on some of our Aventure models. It offers a light solution to carry bulky stuffs into dry bags like the camping ones. 

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