The forgotten bikes (3/3)

The forgotten bikes (3/3)

To celebrate our 10K followers on our Facebook page and thank you for your support, we promised you a surprise. A promise is a promise: by creating the new version of our website, we realized that some emblematic bikes of Victoire history were missing. We fill this void by coming back on these bicycles and their history, from their creation to now. This is the first episode of the serie.


Greg's Victoire HBP prototype (11/10/2011)

This prototype is the first Victoire frame made for Grégory Barbier, bike polo world champion with his team Call Me Daddy. It has been made at the very beginning of the history of Victoire by a subcontractor, this prototype was initially not bound to such a fate. It has had a turbulent existence before retiring tournaments in summer 2012.

>>> Discover the story of Greg's Victoire HBP prototype

François' Victoire Virage "Deadly Venom" (11/02/2013)

François is a friend from Brussels, messenger at Hush Rush company. At the end of January 2013, he went to Clermont-Ferrand to follow the creation of his bespoke bike. François knew exactly what he wanted: a fast fixed gear bike, reliable and efficient, able to withstand the treatment from the messenger job. We called this special edition of our Virage model "Deadly Venom", referring to the Wu-Tang Clan which François is a big fan of.

>>> François' Victoire Virage "Deadly Venom"

Women's Victoire De Ville (25/01/2015)

This Victoire De Ville is a modern interpretation of women's bike of the 40's/50's. The vintage aesthetic match perfectly with the modern components.

>>> Discover all the details about this women's Victoire De Ville 

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