The forgotten bikes (1/3)

The forgotten bikes (1/3)

To celebrate our 10K followers on our Facebook page and thank you for your support, we promise you a surprise. A promise is a promise: by creating the new version of our website, we realized that some emblematic bikes of Victoire history were missing. We fill this void by coming back on these bicycles and their history, from their creation to now. This is the first episode of the serie.


The first Victoire bike (1/04/2012)

This model is the very first Victoire bike made on our Anvil jig. We made for the occasion a special finish, mixing sandblasted and polished-mirror parts.  

>>> Discover in detail the first Victoire bike


The first Victoire Virage (15/04/2012)

The history of Victoire has started by making hubs, cogs and lockrings for fixed gear. So we naturally made our first frames in this way. The model presented here is the very first Virage, and the second frame made on our Anvil jig. It was weighed at only 1,3Kg.  

>>> The first Victoire Virage

The first Victoire MTB (15/02/2014)

Although it is one of our most successful bike on the web, this MTB was never published in our creations section. The first MTB made by Victoire is one of the most emblematic models, and was an important evolution in our history.  

>>> Discover all the details of Victoire MTB #1


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