First ride on Victoire Versus

First ride on Victoire Versus

Happy owner of a Victoire Versus - you can find it in details here - , Jérôme discovered a new way to ride a bike, that goes beyond the marketing name "gravel bike" :

" I think I have discovered a new way to ride a bike. You go out from your house, and follows the signs, your instinct or chance, you will not be limited by the machine. A smooth road of unpaved, a muddy path : no problem. What is there at the end of this road ? We do not know and it is better : we will explore. Eventually, it is maybe the most natural way to ride a bike.  

Let's talk about the bike itself : 

On the first spin, the feeling is great. My hands come naturally on the lever, my body is perfectly positionned : not too high, not too low, juste the good balance. What a pleasure to seat on bike really designed for me! It is so natural that it is almost magic !

The second feeling : the tires. I was used to ride 23c tires inflate to 8 bar. The feeling with the 700*30 with low pressure is much smoother !

The front end of the bike is really stiff. The rear end does not move too. I will do a test with 23c tires just to compare with my road bike. It is when the road  become bad that the gap become bigger. Gravel, bad tarmac, pot-holes... The bike is really smooth.

You take a small road - the less travelled ones - then a gravel path, then a muddy one, you do not care, the bike goes and I feel confident. I realized that it is much more versatile than my MTB and that is the kind of bike we should all buy ! 

As I felt good, I went further. The three hours ride ended without any pain and with the desire to go back. I nearly called you to congrat you at the end of the ride ! 

More than a bike, I discovered a new way to ride. " 


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