A family business

A family business

Cycling is deeply rooted in the french popular culture. France is the land of the most famous race in the world which revealed legends such as Anquetil, Hinault or Poulidor, birthplace of cycling tourism and pioneering builders in France, cycling is the link between generations. A great-grandfather fan of the Tour de France, a postman grandfather who climbs up peaks to deliver the newspaper to a few isolated farms, a grandmother gobbing up miles and miles on a randonneuse built by a local craftsman to visit the family on the weekends ... Cycling is often a family affair, a contagious passion that can be caught with a bike received at Christmas or for our birthday.

For Rémi, co-founder and director of Café du Cycliste, it is from his father, Paul-Louis that comes his love of cycling. And also his taste for hand-built steel machines. Rémi is from Alsace and started road bike on a bike built by Serge Mannheim. His father still owns a randonneuse built in 1983 by the Alsacian craftsman.

Rémi has since chosen to settle his offices under the sun of the French Riviera, but despite the 750km that separates him from the family home, he and Paul-Louis always take the time to share a ride when they can. So when Rémi told him about his order of a Victoire Versus bike, his father immediately went ahead and ordered the exact same model, he added "Having the same bike for the same use will allow us to consider more rides together! ".

Paul-Louis and his son have exactly the same measurements, the two frames were made together, identical in geometry, but with some small differences in design and equipment. Make sure to check Our Creations section tomorrow to discover Paul-Louis and Remi’s new bikes.

We made two "twins"  Victoire Versus,  designed to explore unknown roads and to fulfil their wishes for discovery. You can discover the details of the story of each of them in the Our Creations section:  

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