[FOCUS] Bottom brackets

[FOCUS] Bottom brackets

There are more and more standards on the bicycles market, and it is easy for the costumers to be confused. It is particularly true for the bottom bracket. At Victoire, we have selected three standards for our custom bikes, according to the demands on reliability, quality and performance of our clients : the BSA/BSC, the PF30 and the T47. We will explain the specifications of each.

From left to right : the BSA/BSC, the PF30 and the T47


The BSA/BSC standard

BSA or BSC, it is the same standard. It is the oldest one in the industry, but it is also the one we use the most. Its reliability and quality are well proven, and it is compatible with a lot of bottom brackets : square axle, Isis, external bearings.


The PF30 standard

Contrary to the previous standard, that is screwed in the BB, the PF30 is joined. It is an adaptation of BB30 standard, very common on carbon frames, but not very reliable. Insted of joined directly the bearings in the frame, they are integrated via an aluminium cup. The PF30 diameter is 46mm, instead of 34mm on BSA/BSC, that is improve the stiffness compare to the latest.


The T47 standard

Launched about a year ago by US builder Argonaut and Chris King, the T47 takes the from both sides of the standards presented above. To make it simple, the T47 is a threaded PF30. We get a stiff solution, with the reliability of the BSA/BSC.  Its downside is that it is the heaviest of the three solutions.


Argonaut / Chris King Precision Components / T47 Standard from Argonaut Cycles on Vimeo.


Even though it is still pretty restricted, you can get it on all the bespoke Victoire frames. We just received the right tools to install it on our bicycles.

The T47 (on the right) and the PF30 (on the left)


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