[Customer's feedback] The Victoire Véloce in Columbus HSS

[Customer's feedback] The Victoire Véloce in Columbus HSS

Our range is made up of several models. Each bike represents a particular style of riding. Every bicycle is then tailor-made in order to meet perfectly their owner’s needs. The Véloce, our sportive road bike, is one of our flagship products. He is made to mix comfort and performance at best since it is intended for sportsmen. The tailor-made building enables everybody to use completely the abilities of his/her bike, by adjusting the geometry and the tubingest. The Columbus HSS range with its hydroformed oversized tubing is ideal for a sportive bike. The 44mm tubing with variable shape enables to provide stiffness next to the bottom bracket and the headtube. 

It is now time to let the owners of the Victoire Véloce  in HSS giving their feelings and their experience with their bicycle. 



Marcel rides with his Victoire Véloce for a year. It has Corima wheels and a Shimano Ultegra groupset. He came to us because he suffered when he rode his previous bike even it was a top-end model. Regular rider, he has already been riding 12000 km.

“I am a lifelong fan of handsome bicycle. In 1990, Follis from Lyon built my first custom bike in Reynolds 753. In 2012, François Cau from Edelbikes produced my randonneuse in Columbus Fire. In 2015, an article convinced me to return to steel. At the same time, I met the Cycles Victoire. I solicited them and I am satisfied with the result. This Victoire bike enabled me to avoid the carbon, to find again a comfortable and unique living matter which matches my practice between rides and competition with friends. No more interference due to carbon which vibrates on bad roads. Actually, I do not denigrate this material which is a beautiful advance but steel also progressed and passionate artisans made it relive again."

>>> Here you can find the presentation of Marcel's tailor-made Véloce

We presented you Guillaume’s Véloce last fall. A bike which made an impression with his Chris King Mango equipment and his Custom painting. He came to see us at the workshop last month and we decided to ride together during the lunch time. It is now time to share his feelings when he rides his Victoire Véloce. Former competitor, he wanted a comfortable and a responsive bike. Actually he hopes to compete again. After first trials, Guillaume is pleased with his Victoire Véloce. He is even very happy with it and makes progress day after day:

"It is quite impressive, I improve my performances in rise. I am not necessarily feeling too well but I must admit that the bike helps me a lot. What is also stunning is my capacity to climb the hills seated while I always climbed it, stand up on the pedals. Anyway I am bluffed…."

By the way, the Victoire Véloce has made a lasting impression on many bicycle racers seen on the road by Guillaume:

"Seeing a Victoire for real has kept many cyclists glued... I have motivated some of them to visit the website and not to hesitate a long time to to order a tailor-made bike"

 A great ambassador for the brand who shared his experience with Victoire with pleasure by creating a topic on the forum Veloptimal that you can find on this link: http://bit.ly/1W1eKgf.

>>> Here you can find all the details of Guillaume's Véloce



Jean-Marie is different from other owners because he rides a second-hand Veloce. Indeed he purchased the frame-kit of the bicycle we made at the beginning of the last year for Brahms. Although it was not tailor-made, he was really satisfied with the handling of his bike. Here are his feedbacks after having rode it.

"After 2 weeks and 700 km with my Véloce, I give you my first feedbacks. First of all, I would highlight comfort (so appreciated on Flanders’ roads) which is higher than the one of my previous titanium bike. We feel like we are on an air-cushion, I forgot this sensation provides by steel, it is really impressive! Then stiffness is equivalent as the one of a good carbon bike with the chainstays sticking the rear wheel to the road, which provide a good motricity. It is really appreciable on the steep climbs with a 15-20% slope. The bottom bracket does not move but is enough flexible to help the cyclist on the steepest climbs.

The accelerations are excellent thank to the stiff front end with the 44mm headtube and the Columbus carbon fork. The short chainstays provide a good reactivity. For me, the bike is better when I am pedaling in velocity, but it is also good in force. 

To finish, everybody loves this frame with the welds visible through the black clear coat and the beautiful headbadge. I really love my Veloce it is a bike that makes me want to ride, and this is its best quality. I share with you some photos of MY Veloce with a Shimano Dura-Ace groupset, Corima Viva S wheels, and Zipp components."

>>>  Find this bike in its first configuration


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