Concours de Machines 2016 : press review

Concours de Machines 2016 : press review

It was a long wait since July, but it was worth it : the US magazine Bicycle Quartlerly and the French one 200 - le vélo autrement, co-organizer of the event, wrote more than 60 pages about the Concours de Machines, the French Technical Trials. Their respective editor, Jan Heine and Alain Puiseux, were both part of the judge panel, enable you to live the event from the inside.

Our light randonneuse, who won the contest, gets a double page in BQ and four in 200, including a 200K test.

For more information about 200 - le vélo autrement :
For Bicycle Quarterly, check the website of its French distributor 2-11 Cycles or directly on the magazine one :


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