The come back of Idéale saddles

The come back of Idéale saddles

We get the honour to welcome in our workshop Frédéric Ducès, who is working for five years now on the come back of the famous French saddle brand Idéale. It was the occasion for us to discover a beautiful product, totally handcrafted with the same methods as the original ones. The Idéale saddles are exclusively made in France, from French material, and broken-in in according to the process co-developped by Etablissements Tron et Berthet and Daniel Rebour. The attention to detail is mind-blowing. To reach this level of quality, Frédéric has found former employees of Idéale to be sure to manage perfeclty this savoir-faire that has almost disappeared. The first saddles will be available in September, at a price of 250€, in two color, natural or black. 

We are glad to have seen these wonderful products, congratulations to Frédéric and long life to Idéale saddles!


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