Chilkoot Tour de Lozère Historique 2017

Chilkoot Tour de Lozère Historique 2017


On the 14h and 15th of October took place the first edition of the Tour de Lozère Historique organized by Chilkoot and its conductor Luc Royer. Thierry St Léger, "Fixed Gear Master" - also part of La Compagnie des Pionniers -  was the local and planned the routes : 150 and 120 kilometers between canyon and Causses - the local plateau, dry and windy - , monts and talus. Lozère is located in the south of Massif Central and the Cévennes mountains are part of the region with Mont Aigoual as the highest point. It is a hidden paradise for cyclists. 

The sun shined during the two days on the autumn landscapes to fully enjoy the beauty of the local roads. Among the participants, there were several of our clients. We asked them some questions about this memorable weekend.




Christophe | Victoire Versus

What were your motivations to register to this event ?

I discovered Chilkoot during the Victoire Customers Weekend last April. It was my first event and I was a bit afraid to find a bunch of high level cyclists thinking only about the performance. My doubts quickly went away : the atmosphere was really friendly and the participants were all open-minded and respectful. The Lozère in Autumn and with the sun is wonderful. The routes and the organisation were great, I just want to come back ! I've already saved the date of the Safari and the Stevenson events in 2018.

How did your Victoire handle during the event ?

I have my Victoire Versus for almost a year now and I enjoy it every day. It was my first ride with the Hutchinson Sector 32 tires which roll well. If I say my bike is comfortable people will think it is not performant but it is just the opposite ! It is fast and precise in downhills.   It speeds up progressively but its capacity to keep the pace surprises me. Despite its 8.4kg, it climbs easily. During this weekend, it saves my energy to stay the distance. My last club ride was 80K and 1100+. I did all the climbs in front, with my steel bike and the 32mm tires. My club mates were disgusted ! 

Why did you register to this event ?

To discover the beautiful Lozère region. The colors and the weather made this weekend unforgettable. It is my third Chilkoot event, after Confluences from Genève to Lyon and the Tour du Ventoux

How would you describe this weekend in three words ? 

Landscapes, meetings and challenge.

How did your Victoire Véloce handle ?

On this kind of event where the roads quality change often, the combination of the steel frame with the 28mm tires brings a real addition to comfort. The 1x11 drivetrain enables me to do not think about my gears : I just have a lever to push so I feel more free when I ride, like when I am on my fixed gear. At last, the disc braking makes me more confident. Some downhills of the weekend were quite technicals but I still felt safe. When I was with cyclists on carbon bikes, it reminded me my previous bike : it cracks, it doesn't absorb anything, and pads struggle to brake the carbon rims during the long downhills.

From Gorges du Tarn to the summit of Mont Lozère, this weekend was full of landscapes



Guillaume | Victoire Véloce Disc

Why did you register to this event ?

The Tour de Lozère was my second Chilkoot event after Pavés last April. I appreciate a lot Luc's approach to cycling. I have already registered for BTR 2018.  I went to Lozère because I did not know the regions and it was a good balance between pleasure and difficulty.

How would describe you weekend in three words ?

Friendship, landscapes and quality of both the routes and the organisation.

Can you talk us about your Victoire Véloce ?

It is still a pleasure to ride my bike after almost 2 years and 5000K. I always feel good after a ride, without any pain, which is the most important for me. My first demand when I built my bespoke Victoire road bike was it can bring me far. It is versatile : I feel as comfortable on hilly roads as on long flat rides or more demanding one like Pavés.



Luc | Organiser | Victoire VersusVictoire Virage

Luc and Thierry have a last look on the map before the start.



How did the Tour de Lozère born ?

Because and for my friend "Fixie Master" Thierry Saint-Léger. 

What did you want to highlight with this event ?

It was the second event of the Chilkoot "Historical Tour" after the one of the Vaucluse. The trip of Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey Modestine during the Autumn 1878 inspired this event, as well as the cycling history like the heavy crash Roger Rivière took in the Col du Perjuret during the 14th stages of Tour de France 1960 between Millau and Avignon. 

How would you describe this weekend in three words ?

"Talus", colorful and passionate

Do you have some ideas for a future edition ?

The second edition will take place on the 13th and 14th of October 2018. The routes will be different and we will head to the Corniche des Cévennes via the Gorges du Tapoul and the Col de Salidès. We will also go to Mende and the famous "Jalabert climb" .



Thierry | Host | Victoire Virage

The master in his garden


I have the idea of the Tour de Lozère in mind for a longtime and my meeting with Luc enables to give birth to it. 

On the left, Christophe's Victoire Versus, on the right the prototype of Matthieu Lifschitz with Tony's Véloce HSS Disc


The routes




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