About Victoire Cycles

The company

Victoire Cycles is a company created in 2011 by a group of friends from different cycling horizons. Based in Clermont-Ferrand, we make bespoke steel frames as well as components machined in aluminium alloy. Our products are made for every cycling discipline, from road to mountain bike, including urban bicycles and fixed gear.


A lost savoir-faire

During the twenty last years, frame builders have disappeared gradually. Nowadays, they have been replaced by mass-production bicycles, performant but impersonal. That’s why we offer to our customers high-end bespoke products, to fit to their morphology and their riding. We combine the frame builder savoir-faire of yesteryear with the most modern technologies thanks to the use of specific tools developed internally.


Local partners for a made in France approach

The Auvergne region has a high industrial expertise that allows us to work mainly with local company. We also chose this proximity for ethical, economic and ecological reasons. It allows us to be very reactive and to have an optimal monitoring of our production.


A great region to develop our products

We are very connected to our region, the Auvergne, in France, which is a great location for cycling. Auvergne, and more particularly the Puy de Dôme, is famous in cycling culture for the duel between Anquetil and Poulidor in Tour de France 1964. We ride daily on road and trails around our workshop to test and develop our products.

The Team

The main team (from left to right)

  • Matthieu Perrusset: marketing and communication manager
    •  He writes the story of your bike. He is in charge of the brand communication and side projects. He also takes part into products development.
  • Romain Thouin: frame builder
    • He is in charge of the whole manufacturing of the frame: machining, welding and finishing.
  • Julien Leyreloup: company manager and co-founder
    • He works on the fitting and the final specifications of your bike. He will then design the geometry of your bespoke bike and choose the tubing  that fit the best your demands. After the paint, he will also mount your bike. 
  • Julien Devaux: sales manager.
    • He is your first contact when you consider to order a bespoke bike, and he will help you to build its specifications. 


The independents

  • Puppa Fuzz'T: graphist
    • Graffiti and tattoo artist, MC... Puppa built all the visual identity of Victoire
  • Pierre Vialle: web developper
    • The man behind  the lines of code of this website
  • Nicolas Joly: photographer
The Made in France approach

At Victoire Cycles, we give lots of importance to this approach since our creation in january 2011. All our products are exclusively made in France, with raw materials mostly french.

We have on one side our handcrafted steel parts, frames, forks, stems and luggage-racks, totally made in our workshop in Beaumont, France, and on the other side our alloy parts, hubs, cogs and lockring, subcontracted in French companies.


Alloy parts

Hubs, cogs and lockrings for fixed gear are machined from high quality 7075-T6 alloy. They are made by machnining experts, 40km far from our premises, allowing us to have a strict control of the production. Then, there are polished internally and anodized in french factory. At least, our hubs are engraved by laser, at a subcontractor, next to our workshop.

All our hubs components (body, axle and spacers) are machined in our department of Puy de Dôme, in Auvergne, France. Only bearings (Germany) and bolts (Italy) are not french, because of non-availibility.


Steel products

Bikes frames and forks are made of steel tubing from Columbus(Italy) and Reynolds(England), known for their high quality products. The components like headset, bottom bracket or dropouts come from Paragon in the US. Tubing for stems and luggage-racks are fench, like track bikes dropouts designed by Victoire. There are all fillet-brazed. All our raw materials for welding are made in France. Each tubing for handcrafted custom frame are prepared in our workshop          


A civic-minded approach, but not only

This Made in France approach, responsible and civic-minded, support our national and local economy, and carry-on a lost french savoir-faire. Indeed, there are, some decades ago, lots of frame builder in France. We want, through Victoire Cycles, perpetuate this tradition, bringing to it modern process.

Thanks to this production approach, we can control every steps of the conception. As a result, we can make unique products, just the opposite of actual large series on the market, to offer to each of our customers high quality bicycles, suited to their practice and their wishes.

It's very important for us to be transparent in our products manufacturing and the origin of different parts required to build them. That's why we want to collaborate with french brands and companies to carry-on knowledges and the economy. If our approach interest you and you want to know more about Victoire Cycles, we will be very happy to welcome you in our workshop in Clermont-Ferrand, France. You will be able to discover our products and our work.